Parisi Spotlights Local Arts on New Package Design

Parisi Spotlights Local Arts on New Package Design

The Ballet, Quixotic Fusion and The Symphony are featured on Parisi Coffee’s new packages


Parisi Coffee debuted its innovative designs for all of its in-store coffee packaging in late 2011. The colorful new packaging – which uses vibrant colors on a white background – was created to characterize the company’s new brand and logo as well as Parisi’s commitment to support local arts programs. The designs feature three of Kansas City’s arts community organizations on the back of each bag of coffee.

“We are proud to demonstrate our longtime partnership with the arts and by showcasing arts organizations on our packaging we are doing something that is distinctive and exemplifies not only our brand but helps build the brands of our arts partners in the community,” said Scott Presnell, director of marketing for Parisi Coffee.

The new packaging for Parisi Coffee showcases The Kansas City Ballet, Quixotic Fusion (a Cirque du Soliel style performance company) and The Kansas City Symphony. The three organizations are represented individually on the back of packages with photos and descriptions of the organization’s mission. The package features are used to help spread awareness for the organizations, build brand identity and develop synergy between Parisi Coffee and the company’s longtime community arts partners.

The new bags are a stark contrast to the old designs which were on grocery shelves for more than five years and featured a dark green and brown bag. The new bags, which were created in-house by Parisi’s design team, are all white with black lettering and logos. Splashes of teal, orange, violet, moss green and gold add interest to the sides and back of the bags to attract attention and denote the various product options, single origin, blends or espressos. The new bags first arrived in grocery stores in October and were the only bags to represent Parisi in Kansas City by the end of 2011.

Parisi’s goal is draw the parallel that selecting, roasting and brewing coffee is an art. By using carefully developed photography and graphics, the designs communicate great taste, quality craftsmanship and the “art from the cup” motto. The Parisi story intertwines coffee and art using the crisp, exciting, colorful new coffee packaging. After all, coffee is motivational and inspirational and this new package design proves just that.

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