Paris Brothers Expands Sauce Market

Some love stories really are spicier than others.

Sam Paris of Paris Brothers Specialty Foods in Kansas City loved dining at Margarita’s restaurant on Southwest Boulevard because he loved the salsa. During the many years of eating there with his family and enjoying the unique flavors of the popular salsa, Sam decided to speak with the restaurant’s owners about bottling the concoction for sale in grocery stores. Margarita’s had a loyal following after many years of serving Mexican food in its four and sometimes five locations. The menu was beloved in the city, but the salsa had extraordinary devotees.

Over 10 years ago, Margarita’s and Paris Bros. formed a partnership. Margarita’s shared the secret recipe with Sam Paris and Paris Bros. began manufacturing the salsa at the company’s local facility. The company also provided the marketing, distribution and even the branding for the salsa – which first arrived at local grocery stores in January of 2002. Margarita’s company owners left the specialty food expertise to the longtime and successful Paris Bros. while they focused their attention to running a local restaurant chain.

In 2006, Margarita’s Amigos Salsa became the No. 3 selling salsa in the Kansas City market – behind only two national brands. This is quite an accomplishment given the product has had little in the way of advertising resources to compete with the big brands; sales have grown based upon the product taste, restaurant reputation and the dedicated work of partnering with retailers to get the product in front of the right consumers.

In 2010, Paris Bros. began building on this local popularity with a new bottle design, an expanded product line and even expansion into stores outside of Kansas City. The new design is a minor rebranding of the product to highlight ingredients, authentic Mexican flavors, a more modern overall design and of course, the well-known Margarita’s restaurant logo. The new label spotlights the products ingredients of: “tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, onions, tomato puree, salt, spices, garlic, cilantro, citric acid, canola oil… and love.”

Throughout the years, other Margarita’s products have been added to the in-store product line. Salsa has been expanded to include hot and mild seasonings as well as bottled Margarita’s Amigos Dip (cheese dip). And coming soon will be Margarita’s Amigos branded fajita and taco spice blends.

As a Margarita’s partner, Paris Bros. has been able to expand the product’s availability in regional retailers like Sam’s Clubs and Costco Membership warehouses, and most recently covering nearly the entire Midwest in Walgreens stores.